History of PLACON

Above:  Dr P V Desai welcoming Shri Jay Narayan Vyas, Health Minister, Gujarat; and Mrs. Jyoti Mecwan, General Secretary, Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) during the function organized by PLACON as a thanksgiving initiative on completing 20 years

PLACON Corporate and Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (PLACON) was founded by Dr. P V Desai in May 1989 in Mumbai, India. Thus PLACON is celebrating 25 years of its existence.

Birth of PLACON was a result of Dr. Desai’s experience of 24 years (1965-1989) as a management educator and founder/ head of several management schools of repute in India.

PLACON evolved as a part of Dr. Desai’s career plan to become a management consultant and a trainer specializing in organizational and project-related aspects. In 1991, PLACON shifted its base from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since the birth of PLACON, the company and Dr. Desai have handled more than 300 professional assignments encompassing governments to NGOs, manufacturing companies to service organizations; and regional to international clients.

During its life so far, PLACON has passed through three stages of its existence. During 1989-1992, PLACON contributed substantially to Mumbai-based organizations and conducted training programs in Finance with a focus on business planning and control. After shifting to Ahmedabad, Dr. Desai was empanelled as a consultant for several UN agencies. The third phase started around 2002 when the focus of PLACON shifted to Social Development Sector and Government & Public Systems. Needless to add, assignments for business organizations and Training & Development have continued as before.