Organization and Team Profile

PLACON Organization reflects a mix of project-based and process-based elements. The formal set-up begins with the Managing Director and encompasses senior consultants to consulting assistants. Even though a hierarchy exists; every team member is ready and competent to take on any task. Interestingly, every member of PLACON takes care of all kinds of work including professional as well as administrative and supportive activities

Team Profile

PLACON Team consists of Dr. P V Desai, founder and Managing Director; and a group of young professionals with academic qualifications in Business Studies and/ or Management. Everyone is computer-savvy and uses Information Technology (IT) as a tool in his/her work. PLACON also has external associates who possess expertise in IT, Engineering, Architecture and Taxation.

The professional expertise, values and culture in PLACON are being nurtured by Dr. Desai. This also ensures goal congruence with the client organization and among the team members. Irrespective of specialized skills, all the management professionals are trained and exposed to various facets of management consulting and development.

Above: Dr. P. V. Desai with Team PLACON


    1. Dr. P V Desai – Team Leader and Managing Director
      M.Com., LL B., Ph. D (Management),
      FDP (IIM-A), CMC, UNDP Fellow
      Click here for detailed profile (pdf, 907kb)
    2. Mr. Dishank Panchal – Consulting Associate
      B.Com. (Business Management)Mr. Panchal has been with PLACON for nearly 10 years. During his tenure, Mr. Panchal has taken lead in all the assignments and in all the stages of project execution. His special interest lies in data analysis, IT applications and report writing. Sectors of his expertise include Government & Public Systems and Construction & Infrastructure Development
    3. Ms. Hiral Suryavanshi – B.Com., PGDBA (Finance), PGDM (Finance)Ms. Suryavanshi has brought with her earlier experience of working in an international BPO. She left the job for completing PGDM (Finance), a joint initiative of AMA and California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB)Areas of special interest to Ms. Suryavanshi include Finance, Social Development & NGO Management; and Human Resource Management. At PLACON, she is taking lead in consulting process which mainly includes Conceptualization, Execution Strategy and In-house Trainings & Workshops.
    4. Ms. Kairavi Shah – B.Sc., PGDM, MBA (International Business)Ms. Shah has been with PLACON for the last 6 years. She started her professional career as a teaching associate in Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIM-A).Ms. Shah has been contributing to PLACON; particularly in the areas of Strategic Management, Marketing Research and International Business. Her areas of special interest include Education and Health Care.
    5. Ms. Tanvi Mazmudar – B.Com., PGDM, PG Diploma in Travel & Tourism.Ms. Mazmudar has brought with her experience of working in IPOs and international travel agencies. At PLACON, she is actively involved in statistical data analysis, client relations & presentations. Her areas of professional interest include Communication Skill Development, Management Training and Travel & Tourism.PLACON Team
      Above: PLACON Team deliberating on issues related to a consulting assignment
    1. Dr. A C Brahmbhatt:
      Dr. Brahmbhatt has been a life long management educator and researcher with expertise in Marketing, Operations Management and data analysis.
    2. Mr. Durgesh Choksi:
      Mr. Choksi is a practicing Chartered Accountant with 30 years of experience in Taxation, Audit, Company Law matters and Corporate Finance.
    3. Ms. Urvi Desai:
      Ms. Desai holds graduation in Architecture from CEPT University, Ahmedabad; and Post Graduate Degree (MS) in Regional Planning & Development from University of Texas, Austin, USA.
      PLACON Associates
      Above: Dr P V Desai with associate consultants of PLACON; Mr Bhikhesh Bhatt and Dr A C Brahmbhatt