Strategic Framework


A small, quality-conscious organization enjoying professional respect from client organizations, professional colleagues and other stakeholders


To contribute towards achievement of socio-economic objective of governments and corporate objectives of commercial and service-oriented organizations by providing management consulting and developmental support in design and execution of their strategies and programs


The ultimate goal of PLACON is to contribute towards (i) economic growth,(ii)  bringing the desired socio-cultural change and (iii)  improve livelihood of the communities at the bottom of the pyramid. PLACON would like to achieve this goal by guiding and assisting client organisations in achieving their respective institutional objectives through (a) strengthening their management planning and control systems and (b) developing their human resources.

For the purpose of achieving its goal, PLACON has developed objectives specific to various sectors of economy and industry groups that it serves. Such specific objectives are stated below


  • To contribute to social development, agriculture and NGO/ CBO management by providing human and institutional capacity building support and by assisting in project development, execution and monitoring.
  • To contribute to industries, service organizations and other commercial organizations by improving their management control systems, profitability and returns to various stakeholders like shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and support institutions.
  • To assist international development institutions/agencies by providing inputs for their policies & strategies, country program development, regional or local partnerships and special studies.
  • To provide assistance to governments and various policy making and regulatory agencies in policy formation/review and program/ project planning and monitoring.
  • To strengthen initiatives of governments and other public/private institutions towards better healthcare, education of global quality, drinking water and health & hygiene; by developing suitable projects and efficient monitoring systems; including capacity building of institutions and their human resource.
  • To assist governments and other developers in development and monitoring of projects in infrastructure development and construction.
  • To assist SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs in enterprise creation and management by helping them through professionalizing their management systems and suitable training programs.



    1. As a strategy for pursuing its Mission and achieving its objectives; PLACON undertakes programmes and projects in
      • Management consultancy,
      • Management training & development,
      • Research & Publications and
      • Corporate seminars, conferences etc. events.
    2. In procurement and execution of these assignments, PLACON follows a clear business philosophy and the strategy of
      • remaining small,
      • retaining and developing a team of professionals with different background,
      • undertaking inter-disciplinary assignments and
      • Working on a few manageable assignments at any one point of time.
    3. Corporate Philosophy
        1. As a “change agent”, PLACON should be instrumental in effective design, implementation and review of clients’ corporate and functional strategies; and in evolving effective planning and control systems for them.
        2. PLACON believes that clarity of purpose, its effective communication and existence of systems to direct and motivate people are the foundations of organisational effectiveness.
        3. While executing assignments PLACON must ensure congruence between organisational and individual objectives because only that would result into successful implementation of a strategy.
        4. SYSTEM- ORIENTED APPROACH is a lot more than computerized system design. It is a WAY OF THINKING.
        5. Developing strategic blend of financial and behavioural dimensions is the crux of providing recommendations and their implementation.
        6. FINANCE IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS. Understanding and utilisation of financial information is necessary to enhance role effectiveness of managers; at all levels and in all functions like, Purchase & Stores, Production & Maintenance, Marketing & Distribution and Personnel & Administration.
        7. Management development and training can be used as a powerful tool for (a) strategy formulation, (b) to understand and solve organisational problems; and (c) to influence behaviour of managers and employees. Therefore PLACON should encourage need-based training programmes targeted to specific groups of people and based on data from the respective client organisation.
        8. A manager’s effectiveness largely depends upon (a) his exposure to planning and control concepts, tools, practices and systems relevant to his job, (b) skill of viewing his job and various issues in total, true perspective and (c) understanding of financial and behavioural dimensions of his role. PLACON in its professional work must emphasise these aspects.
        9. Although, strategic vision is important, a global perspective must be supported by local action.

      Teamwork, customer-orientation and social responsibility should remain the integral part of any assignment.