Growth and current status of management consulting activity at PLACON are the result of Dr P V Desai’s (a) exposure & experience at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) during early years of his career, (b) application of case study method in teaching & training, (c) global exposure during work at S P Jain Institute Mumbai and NICMAR; and (d) the first experience of international consulting for Asian Development Bank, Manila.

Today, PLACON has completed 25 years in management consulting. During the initial years, all the consulting assignments were on organizational aspects. This covered Strategic Planning, Organization Structure, Management Control Systems, Function-specific Management Systems; and diagnostic studies.

Management consulting in the area of Project Management started in early 1990s with an assignment with Asian Development Bank (ADB) for its Rural Infrastructure Development Project (RIDP) in Bangladesh. Since then, Project Management-related consulting has occupied increasing space in PLACON work. Various dimensions covered in this type of consulting include Project Feasibility Studies, Project Design, Project Monitoring Systems, Evaluation and Impact Assessment.

Organizational consulting and project-related consulting that are mentioned above always have focus on some or all functions of Management. With this perspective, PLACON consulting experience can be grouped into functions like Purchase & Procurement, Inventory Management, Production & Quality Management, Marketing & Distribution, Human Resource Management, Accounting & Finance; and Corporate Management & Administration.

All the consulting assignments have been carried out for international development agencies, governments, NGOs, corporate bodies, educational institutions, hospitals & healthcare organizations, construction & infrastructure organizations; and other manufacturing as well as service organizations.List-of-Sectors

Separate details are provided of PLACON consulting experience in 3 categories as under.

  1. Sector-specific Consulting e.g. Social Development Sector, Education Sector
  2. Function-specific Consulting e.g. Marketing Management, Human Resource Management
  3. Project Planning & Management e.g. Feasibility Studies, Impact Assessment Studies