Production Operations and Quality Management

PLACON Perspective

A variety of industries have significant component of production and related activities. This mainly include chemicals, petrochemicals, plastics & paints, machineries & parts, engineering, automobiles, cement, textiles & garments, furniture, hardware, agro-processing, food processing, cosmetics & toiletries and various other products of house hold and industrial consumption.

  • PLACON has observed that Production & Quality Management in the above industries is influenced by rapidly changing technology, availability of substitutes and needs & expectations of customers.
  • Emerging global opportunities are creating challenges of global procurement, multi-location manufacturing facilities and customers with varied needs and cultures.
  • Indian manufacturing companies have to increasingly face competition from foreign multinational companies.
  • PLACON feels that Indian manufacturers need capacity building in effective implementation of systems and quality management.
  • Furthermore, increasing focus on customer satisfaction will call for cost efficiency, minimum response time; and quality assurance on the part of production management professionals. These professionals will have to cope up with new technologies and absorb them in existing production systems.

PLACON Competency

PLACON Team has been successful in executing assignments in planning and control systems with function-specific focus. These include (a) production planning & scheduling, (b) purchase & supply chain management, (c) process management, (d) inventory and store management, (e) plant administration and (f) quality assurance & quality control for manufacturing organizations.

PLACON has the capabilities to provide consultancy and training support in the following areas of production and quality management.

  • Production costing systems.
  • Production cost analysis for decision making
  • Production Planning & scheduling
  • Designing purchase/procurement system
  • Inventory management system
  • Diagnostic studies, e.g. cost reduction, waste management
  • Work allocations.
  • Maintenance Management System
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Production Organization and Control Systems including Production budgets, accounts, reporting and performance management.
  • R &D Management
  • Training of Production Staff in production planning & control systems and Quality Management Systems.
  • Specialized Training on production planning & strategy for better production & quality management performance.
  • Production, organization design, work allocations, defining roles, functions and authority – responsibility. 

Download a detailed description of the Emerging Scenario, Challenges & Opportunities, PLACON Experience and an Illustrative Case Experience (pdf, 113kb)