Strategic Management

PLACON Perspective

Every organization starts with some goal. For achieving that goal, the organization has to design a path. This path is made-up of its strategic plan consisting of objectives, strategies and policies, values and ideology; and an organizational structure.

  • It is observed that the significance of strategic planning is being increasingly realized in the process of Management everywhere. Even small and micro enterprises are experiencing the need for formal strategic planning.
  • Formal research; particularly socio-economic and behavioral research has become an integrated part of strategic planning, implementation and its monitoring.
  • According to PLACON, for global or growth-oriented organizations; external consultants definitely have a role. For such organizations, design of suitable organization structure and establishment of management systems are the critical factors; from the perspective of overall business planning and monitoring.

PLACON Competency

PLACON is a solution provider in the dimensions of (a) corporate & functional strategy, (b) training & development of executives in all the areas of strategic management, (c) designing and redesigning organization structure and (d) various control systems. PLACON areas of expertise in executing strategic management assignments include the following.

  • Business Environmental Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Vision Development
  • Preparation of Strategic Plan
  • Growth Strategy
  • Project Planning & Monitoring
  • Organizational Structure Designing, Evaluating and Restructuring
  • Business Plan Development and Assessment
  • Functional Strategy Development, Assessment and Re-designing e.g. HRM Strategy
  • Consultancy Project Design and Execution
  • Designing of Management Systems and Structures
  • Institutional Assessment as External Expert
  • Special Studies e.g. Transformation of a traditionally managed organization into a professionally managed organization
  • Guidance to Other Consulting Organizations
  • Training Programs on Strategic Management
  • Database Creation for Strategic Management
  • Tie-ups, Take-Over Strategies and Implementation Support

Download a detailed description of the Emerging Scenario, Challenges & Opportunities, PLACON Experience and an Illustrative Case Experience (pdf, 416kb)