Project Planning and Management

Emerging Scenario

  • Increased emphasis on social development issues has resulted in increased number of projects in the fields of poverty reduction, education, health care and water & sanitation. The other important category of projects is related to infrastructure development. The third category of projects consists of projects under taken by industries and institutions.
  • Many developed nations have created special funds for providing assistance to developing and under developed countries.
  • Many projects in infrastructure development have run into legal complications resulting in delay in completion. Naturally, this has resulted in increased project cost and outlay.
  • Normally, the focus of Project Monitoring remains on implementation part. It is now increasingly realized that output, outcome and impact of such projects should be treated as an integral part of project planning.
  • Organizations are now undertaking projects with developmental or diagnostic objectives, e.g., corporate image building, database creation, market research, employee satisfaction survey, cost reduction study.
  • Non- financial indicators of performance are increasingly accepted as an important tool for efficient project monitoring & evaluation.
  • NGOs and grassroot level organizations have been playing important role during project implementation. They also function as a source of data during project planning stage.
  • In the case of huge infrastructure projects; global funding arrangements become necessary. In such cases; cost of capital, cash flow management and financial reporting assumes special significance.

PLACON Perspective

  • Normally Project Planning & Management involves several agencies like government, construction contractors, research institutions, consultants, grass root organizations, NGOs and community at large. Due to these reasons; project implementation and monitoring call for special attention.
  • Secondly, because of special budget allocation for such projects; Cost Estimation, Funding, Fund Management & Accounting and Evaluation & Reporting assumes special significance; particularly in the case of social development and infrastructure projects .
  • PLACON has experienced that in case of innovative projects, concept development and pre feasibility studies are helpful. Similarly it is also observed that in case of projects of social development, infrastructure development and those requiring huge investments; all the three stages are necessary.
  • It should be noted that a good DPR provides an integrated, total perspective of a project. Such a study includes marketing feasibility, technical feasibility, operational feasibility, organizational set up, staffing pattern, investment required and proposed project financing pattern.
  • PLACON experience has shown that, many times project planners and managers do not differentiate between project output, out come and impact. It is necessary that project design is based on the desired ultimate impact. At the same time, it is equally important to focus on operational reporting and evaluation of output and impact.
  • It is also observed that parameters of impact assessment need to be clearly identified at the time of project design itself.  This will ensure better resource allocation and will also facilitate accounting, reporting and evaluation.
  • PLACON experience has shown that many projects are delayed or do not reach the take off stage due to ineffective monitoring systems. Several strategic or operational flaws are responsible for this.
  • It is also observed that social development projects and infrastructure projects call for highly efficient monitoring and evaluation systems. Secondly such projects also require a good amount of balance between financial and non-financial operations and performance parameters in their program designs, budgets, accounting systems, reports & MIS; and performance measurement.

PLACON Competency

PLACON experience in Project Planning & Management is mainly related to (a) Concept Development, Detailed Project Reports, General as well as focused feasibility studies (e.g., Expansion Feasibility, Managerial Feasibility) (b) Project Monitoring & Reporting Systems, (c) Performance Evaluation and (d) Impact Assessment Studies. A considerable number of such projects relate to social development and infrastructure development. In addition to industrial organizations; PLACON clients also includes governments, international development agencies, community based organizations (CBOs) and NGOs.

Download a detailed description of the Emerging Scenario, Challenges & Opportunities, PLACON Experience and an Illustrative Case Experience (pdf, 363kb)