Advertising and Communication

Brief Scenario

  • Communication has three key dimensions, (1) Communication skills, (2) Communication Systems and (3) Technology applications. In the modern era of globalization and IT revolution; all these three areas assume equal and special significance.
  • The Indian Advertising industry was projected to grow at 11.8% in 2013.
  • The major segments of conventional media include television (TV), print and radio. Internet and online portals are being used increasingly.  Animation, visual effects, films and music are also progressive segments. Advertisements on mobile phones and tablets have been growing.
  • Development communication is gaining increasing attention in government programs, community organizations and NGOs.

PLACON Observations

  • It is observed that the field of communication is ever-changing. In such a scenario, the marketing community faces the challenge of successfully connecting with consumers.
  • Secondly, the role of marketing has become more integral to the organizations, which is a challenge for marketing professionals. In this context, professional competence of marketing managers has become the key factor.
  • Print media is facing the challenge of survival because internet and social media have dramatically made an impact on consumers and advertisers.
  • PLACON feels that there is a need to create appropriate culture and environment to attract the best talent.
  • All the organizations need to establish effective communication with their stakeholders. Governments, NGOs and various community-based organizations need to communicate policies, programs/ schemes, social massages, guidelines and instructions.
  • Moreover, everywhere and at all the levels; managers, leaders and coordinators have to attend meetings, address colleagues and make presentations.
  • According to PLACON, all these situations call for creative thinking, speaking skills, listening skills, writing skills and effective use of body language.

PLACON Competency

  • PLACON is having good experience in executing various projects for advertising agencies; and has closely analysed the scenario that has prevailed in this sector.
  • PLACON has been providing effective solutions in Strategic Management & Control Systems of advertising & communication organizations. Categories of such projects include various managerial and functional areas, viz., Marketing Feasibility study, HRM & Production system studies, Institutional study etc. It has also helped growing organizations in corporate image building and assisted agencies in their expansion.
  • Along with projects PLACON also carries vast experience in Research and Training. It has developed case studies, in the context of advertising and conducted both in-house & educational training programs for executives and students of media and advertising industry.

Download a detailed description of the Sector Scenario, Challenges & Opportunities, PLACON Experience and an Illustrative Case Experience (pdf, 154kb)