Other Consultants and Professional Bodies

PLACON Perspective

  • Global as well as local business environment is changing rapidly. In many cases, such changes are strategic in nature. In such a situation managing a business has become more complex. IT revolution and increasing globalization have changed supply chains, resource mobility, communication systems, technology, consumer expectations and HR needs & expectations.
  • This has serious implications for Business Planning & Control Systems. All these have created a need for change in government systems and policies; and legal systems and statutory frameworks.
  • In such a situation, no consultant can claim to be “the master of all”. There is an increasing need for networking, team building and exchange of expertise among consultants and their resources.

Given the above context, PLACON has contributed to working of several consulting firms. Similarly, PLACON has also contributed towards working of bodies of professionals like Institute of Management Consultant ff India (IMCI), Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) etc.
PLACON Competency
PLACON capabilities in contributing to other consulting firms can be divided into the following three groups.

  1. Consulting project development, proposal development and execution strategy.
  2. Data analysis, interpretation and report preparation.
  3. Conceptualizing relevant themes and developing professional events like seminar, conference, round table, training programs, and workshops.

Download a detailed description of the Sector Scenario, Challenges & Opportunities, PLACON Experience and an Illustrative Case Experience (pdf, 138kb)