Entrepreneurial Support and Enterprise Creation

Brief Scenario

  • Entrepreneurship Development (ED) has two dimensions. (A) To identify potential entrepreneurs and to understand present profile of entrepreneurial qualities in them, e.g., business mindset, willingness to take risk. (B) To assist potential entrepreneurs in bridging the gap between existing and required entrepreneurial qualities, skills and knowledge.
  • Being an entrepreneur is not enough for success. He needs support in converting his idea into a real enterprise.
  • More and more professionals, students, home makers and service people are converting themselves into entrepreneurs.

PLACON Observations

  • PLACON has observed that concept, innovative ideas, location, maintenance of service & quality, market environment, cost & pricing flexibility and sound organizational and financial structure decide the success and sustainability of an enterprise.
  • It is felt that to be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to be an efficient manager.
  • Challenges of globalization call for entrepreneurs with global vision.
  • Many global opportunities are also encouraging youth to start something of their own.
  • Simplification and revision of laws and policy reforms are making enterprise creation an easy task. But ED is a challenge; particularly in the global context. Similarly, opting for own business over job is not an easy task for professionals and other individuals.
  • A number of institutions have been set up for education and training in ED. Quality of such institution is the key to entrepreneurship development.

This is where PLACON can provide support in creating an enterprise and establishing resource linkages, e.g., finance, technology, marketing.
PLACON Competency

  • PLACON has a unique blend of experience of (a) designing & conducting ED education & training programs and (b) providing support to entrepreneurs in translating their vision into a real business enterprise.
  • PLACON has provided such support by concept development, conducting feasibility study, project report preparation, establishing institutional linkages, development of organizational set up and key people’s recruitment and orientation.
  • PLACON has also developed organizational systems, procedures and documentation that have helped entrepreneurs in efficient business planning & monitoring.

Download a detailed description of the Sector Scenario, Challenges & Opportunities, PLACON Experience and an Illustrative Case Experience (pdf, 155kb)