Government and Public Systems

PLACON Government and Public Systems

Brief Scenario

  • Since early 1990s, privatization and liberalization have provided entry to private sector in some selected components of infrastructure.
  • Impacts of globalization and IT revolution have influenced ideology, organizational systems, policies and programs of governments all over the world.
  • Traditional public administration is changing. Management professionals are increasingly employed. IT applications are increasing. There is greater importance assigned to training & development
  • Issues related to women, children and sustainable environment are considered more seriously during project designs. Not only governments; international development agencies are also giving greater attention to these issues.
  • Role of government organizations and systems are changing with a view to taking advantage of global opportunities and their impact on communities.
  • In India, infrastructure development is a part of the role of government. Railways are owned and managed by Government in the form of Railway Board. Road projects are all initiated and implemented by central and state level authorities like National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).
  • There are high imbalances in sectoral development, resource endowment and income distribution among various segments of Indian Economy.
  • There is substantial socio-cultural diversity. This makes the Country vulnerable to threat from poverty. Like India, other Asian and African countries are also vulnerable to similar threat.
  • Protecting the domestic enterprises and addressing socio-economic issues like poverty, women empowerment, health, education, etc. has become greater challenge for government.

PLACON Observations

  • The role and expectations from government have increased significantly with the rise in globalization. It is felt that governments have to respond to wide ranging issues from agriculture, industry, service sector and community at large.
  • PLACON feels that in rapidly changing socio-economic environment, government administration should be more responsive, flexible and sensitive to public issues.
  • It is observed that there is a need to strike a balance between the pro-poor government policies and industrial growth & technological advancements
  • For designing and implementing various programs and projects; governments need expertise of external experts for research, feasibility studies, scientific analysis and impact assessment.
  • Changing mindset and attitudes of government officials is a big challenge.
  • PLACON feels that there is tremendous scope for strengthening government structures and systems with a managerial perspective; providing an opportunity for professional management techniques and concepts like, HR systems, budgetary control, MIS, performance evaluation etc.
  • Developmental programs and projects as corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives have created new opportunities for industries. It is felt that for taking advantage of the opportunity, government needs to develop insight into dynamics of poverty, social development issues and human development aspects. Secondly, the industry needs to be assured that availability of resources will not be a problem.
  • Recognizing developmental and non- financial indicators in public project performance is becoming more and more important in project performance measurement and evaluation.
  • In the emerging, dynamic scenario, governments need to periodically review their policies & strategies.
  • PLACON has learnt that in the current era of privatization, more professional and corporate culture should be encouraged. This implies that besides monitoring the private sector organizations, government has to be ready to compete with them.
  • It is also observed that in many cases, governments take help of some NGOs and voluntary organizations; particularly in implementation of projects, programs and schemes. This provides a good scope for the NGOs and similar organizations to build their capacities as per the need/demand of the project or program implementation.

PLACON Competency
PLACON has capability to provide following consulting inputs to a variety of government institutions.

  • Government Policy Review, Analysis and Recommendations for healthcare, education etc.
  • Institutional funding
  • Management of Government Organizational System
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation system including Planning, Budgeting, Costing and Accounting systems.
  • Establishment and management of Project Monitoring Units (PMUs)
  • Regional Development Planning and Policy – poverty reduction, agriculture
  • Problem analysis
  • Development Project Feasibility and Sustainability studies
  • Evaluatory/ diagnostic studies for the projects it undertakes.
  • Capacity and Capability Assessment of Implementing Agencies, etc.
  • Design, Review and assessment of (a) Strategy –institutional as well as functional, (b) structure –organizational as well as departmental and (c) all control systems of government Administration – Budgeting, MIS & Reporting, Performance Evaluation System, etc.
  • Cost reduction and control strategies, etc.

Download a detailed description of the Sector Scenario, Challenges & Opportunities, PLACON Experience and an Illustrative Case Experience (pdf, 440kb)