Manufacturing Industry

PLACON Manufacturing Industry Sector

Brief Scenario

  • Emerging global opportunities, facilitation support by IT and telecom industries; and increased thrust on R&D have created pressures of growth and survival for various manufacturing industries.
  • Emerging global and regional trends show that manufacturing continues to grow. However, service related inputs in overall industry operations are increasing rapidly.
  • Indian MANUFACTURING ORGANIZATIONS are showing considerable interest in (a) becoming global organizations, (b) application of new technologies and (c) more efficient management systems. This implies that growth-oriented organizations and those trying to survive will have to give a serious thought to realistic strategic plans, vibrant organization structures and efficient control systems.
  • By 2025, majority of consumption will take place in developing economies. This will create new market opportunities.
  • Major foreign players are also confident and have big expectations from the Indian engineering segment as it enjoys a comparative advantage in terms of manufacturing costs, market knowledge, technology and creativity.
  • In INDIA, small and micro enterprises have crucial role due to their relevance from the perspectives of poverty reduction, income generation and creation of employment opportunities.
  • India holds fourth position in terms of volume and thirteenth position in terms of value of production in pharmaceuticals in the world. The Indian food processing industry is one of the largest in the world in terms of production, consumption, exports and growth prospects. The Indian Textiles Industry has an overwhelming presence in the economic life of the country.
  • Biotechnology is among the fast growing knowledge-based industrial sectors which have immense potential to revolutionize agriculture, healthcare, industrial processing and environmental sustainability.
  • For GOVERNMENT, the challenge lies in striking balance between policies facilitating achievement of global ambitions; and policies protecting interests of small domestic manufacturers and micro-enterprises, and informal sector entrepreneurs/ workers.

PLACON Observations

  • Volatile resource prices, shortage of highly skilled talent, heightened supply-chain and regulatory risks create an environment that is far more uncertain than it was before the Great Recession. This poses a challenge to micro and small enterprises; as well as to new entrepreneurs.
  • According to PLACON, the key priorities are perspective building, education and the development of skills. Indian companies will have to build their R&D capabilities, as well as expertise in data analytics and product design. They will need qualified, computer-savvy operators and agile managers of complex global supply chains.
  • It is observed that in established markets, demand is fragmenting as customers ask for greater variation and more types of after-sales service. In this context, the organizations should encourage innovations and creativity. This will ensure efficient handling of operations and effective customer satisfaction.
  • It is strongly felt that if the above mentioned resources are efficiently utilized, India might even dominate some skill-intensive industry sectors in the years to come.   
  • PLACON feels that government, industry associations and related professional bodies should recognize that their long-term goals for growth, innovation, and exports will be best served only by supporting critical enablers for manufacturers (such as investing in modern infrastructure).
  • It is also observed that for government & ministries; supporting manufacturing industries and competing globally means that policy must be grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the diverse industry segments in a national or regional economy.
  • It is felt that owing to availability of massive workforce, a robust supply base, and access to natural resources needed in production, India is definitely poised to become a viable alternative to China across the sectors. This provides ample scope of entrepreneurship development in the Country.

PLACON Competency

  • PLACON focuses on providing to manufacturing organizations (a) suitable business strategy, (b) a vibrant organization structure, (c) establish tailor-made management control systems and (d) enhanced human resource capabilities.
  • Experience lies in effective strategic planning, financial planning & control, marketing strategy building, human resource development and implementation of production & quality management systems for building cost-effective, profit making and sustainable organizations.

PLACON has the capability to assist clients in the following areas;

  • Business Opportunity Identification
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project Design and Planning
  • Implementation Strategy and Action Plan
  • Organizational Analysis and Assessment
  • Diagnosic studies.
  • Industry analysis
  • Future scenario analysis of industry
  • New formation or expansion related strategies
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
  • Recommendatory studies
  • Evaluation and Impact assessment
  • Research studies
  • Status studies

Download a detailed description of the Sector Scenario, Challenges & Opportunities, PLACON Experience and an Illustrative Case Experience (pdf, 387kb)