Design SEWA


An art work designing and stitching organization approached PLACON to execute the stream line project. This organization was a part of an NGO working in this area since last 20 years. Few of the major objective of this project was Creating sustainable livelihood, building capacity and increasing future security of members.

Two main operations, sales and production were prioritized, for which data was collected from their production and sales units. Their existing system was analyzed to understand their work culture and work environment. After knowing the strengths and weaknesses of existing system, Placon recommended few changes in these areas, viz., strengthening of policies and strategy in the context of income generation and increasing artisan’s financial security, more use of computers and storing data in soft format, implementation of improved production quality standards, strong monitoring system and more sustained organizational structure. Project Implementation guideline, support and training were also provided by team PLACON.

From this effort, main impact and outcome received by the organization was a strong and sustained organizational structure along with that, efficient reporting system, clarity in processes and an established human resource and administrative control system. More over prepared report can be useful to present in funding agencies or financial institutions to make them understand the sound process of working of the organization.

The major Learning from this project was to bring changes maintaining the ethical boundary of an organization. Implementation of suggested system and documentation within an organization where managers are following the traditional system was another challenge.