International Assignments

Exposure for Dr P V Desai to international assignments started in early 1980s when he carried out assignment for a joint venture between Indian and Swedish partners. The second phase started in late 1980s when Dr Desai was with a UNDP project for starting a Construction Management institute in India. He was awarded UNDP Fellowship in the field of Construction Management Education, which was executed at University of Michigan, the USA; as a Visiting Scholar. This was followed by Dr Desai’s empanelment as a consultant with some of the UN agencies like ILO, UNDP; and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

PLACON’s association with Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) during early 1990s was a turning point in international assignments. PLACON carried out several assignments independently as well as on behalf of SEWA in the field of social development, women empowerment and sustainable livelihood creation. Some of the assignments were executed as a Mission Member or as an Institutional Expert. PLACON also supported management of some international projects in India as a Project Monitoring Agency.

International consulting experience of Dr Desai and PLACON cover wide range of Development aspects like Agriculture, Food Security, Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure Development, Women Empowerment, NGO-Private Sector Partnerships etc. The main focus of such assignments has been on preparation of concept notes, feasibility studies, detailed project report (DPR), project planning & monitoring systems, institutional capacity building, human resource capacity need assessment and formation of capacity building institutions.

Download a detailed description of PLACON experience & expertise in International Assignments (pdf, 126kb)