Training & Development

PLACON and Dr. P V Desai together bring an experience of nearly 40 years with them. During this period nearly 300 management training programs have been conducted by them.

This experience ranges from providing consultancy in training management; to conducting training sessions for corporates & farmers! Consulting experience includes training need identification, developing profile of training programs & training material; and evaluation/ impact assessment of training programs.

PLACON expertise in Management Training is mainly focused on Finance & Control Function, Human Behavior & Organizational Systems, Supervisory Development and Faculty Development Programs for B-Schools. PLACON also possesses training expertise in specific sectors.  And this includes Social Development & NGO Management, Healthcare Management, Education Management, Strategic Management and Construction & Infrastructure Management.

The participants of PLACON training programs also represent a wide range of functions as well as management levels. This includes middle and senior level non-finance executives, accountants & finance managers, entrepreneurs, industry owners and boards of directors. An important category of participants include farmers, poor self employed women, trustees & volunteers of NGOs and academicians & researchers.

A variety of commercial as well as governmental organizations and NGOs have benefited from training expertise of PLACON. This also includes service organizations, universities and professional bodies.

Download a detailed description of PLACON experience & expertise in Management Training & Development (pdf, 252kb)